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Custom Signs

Each carved wood sign I create is a custom work of art. Therefore, there is no shopping cart for ordering a carved wood sign over the Internet. With a custom sign there are naturally a few details to be worked out, measurements to be taken, designs to be considered and so forth, and with clear communication it is possible to order a custom carving long distance. I have been successful at doing this for my clients for some time now.

Among the key issues naturally is price, and while it is true that a custom carved sign is bound to be more expensive than ordinary painted signs, I am usually able to work within an established budget. I have deliberately not quoted prices for any of the custom designed pieces on this site; this is because I always prefer to discuss a customer's budget and individual requirements in order to arrive at a result that suits both. I can present you with some ideas, and will advise you what is and isn't possible within a broad budget.

If you would like a custom carved sign, you can fill out the form on this page and I will contact you so that we can discuss your needs. If you and I agree that I can fill those needs while meeting your budget, we can then begin the process of creating a beautiful custom carving that will represent your business well, or a custom carved architectural piece (address numbers, names, signs, doors, etc) that will enhance your business or home.