Unlike the flat painted surfaces of most ordinary panel and sandblasted signs, there is something about the way that a sculpted sign speaks without using words. A hand-carved sign makes a statement about the integrity of the business it represents, it is solid and three-dimensional, the carved graphics cast tangible shadows and the sculpted calligraphy gleams with brilliant 23k gold.
Carved signs offer a superior return on investment when compared to flat painted, sandblasted or vinyl signs. This great return on investment, especially in the tourism industry and upscale business markets, has been shown to be so successful that many communities and business districts have opted for handcrafted custom signage. Each custom sign that comes out of Fred Schlatter’s studio is a unique work of art catching the interest of discerning clients, tourists and passers-by for many years. (Read what others have to say about his work by clicking on this link Testimonials ).

I use cedar for signs where "green" building is a concern. Cedar offers many "Green" advantages over other wood choices. It is grown and harvested in a naturally sustainable manner.

Unlike plantation harvested woods such as pine, which require large expenditures of fuel, fertilizers and insecticides to produce timber ready for harvest, cedar's natural resistance to rot and insects eliminates the need to treat saplings in the forest, which drastically cuts down on harmful environmental toxins that are used to produce many other kinds of wood.


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